Personal Brand Accelerator and for ambitious women who want to get Promoted Faster

Does any of this sound like you?
- Stuck in your Career?
- Want to progress to a Leadership role
- Looking to move up but can't seem to find a new role that inspires?
- Continually overlooked and tired of having to prove yourself......again
- Have a nagging feeling you are undervalued but can't work out why?
It doesn't have to be this way....

As a female professional, Director and Board Member I experienced all of these BUT I still succeeded. Because as a Brand & Marketing expert I understood how important having a recognisable Personal Brand is for clarity and visibility, influence and impact
I created this course to share my experience and strategies with other women everywhere, helping them to Power up their Personal Brand and wave goodbye to these challenges.
Here's how!
The Personal Brand Accelerator online course for ambitious women
**15 Video Tutorials: Editable Assignments: Bonus Resources: Slide Presentations: Essential stories: Exclusive LinkedIn Group for all participants **"Mel has put together a superb course - Densely packed with insights and advice, her delivery is lively and dynamic. The course is intense, but tightly structured to stimulate participants and guide them through a valuable process examining their career goals, branding and positioning" Liz

During this course I'll show you:

1. How to shift your mindset and become empowered2. How to leverage your expertise and strengths to best effect3. How to communicate with confidence and authority4. How to self-promote with integrity5. How to engage your stakeholder audience6. All my tips and strategies for making the right impression

What you will get as a result:

1. A 360 assessment of your Personal Brand and how you are perceived today2. Clarity on your desired career direction and ambition3. A clear Personal Brand strategy aligned to your vision and future career ambition4. The tools to amplify and activate your Personal Brand and help you achieve your goals5. The confidence to go for the next opportunity that comes your way

Module 1: The Foundations of your Personal Brand

1. Personal Brand Assessment2. Ask the audience3. Uncovering your Digital Footprint4. What you want to be known for5. Developing your Value Proposition

Module 2: Brand for the career you want not the job you have

1. Stand in the future of your Career2. Identify your Career Sweet Spot3. Connecting SMART goals to your Career Ambition4. Hyping your Transferrable Skills5. Closing the skills gap

Module 3: The secret of getting ahead is getting started

1. Communicating with Confidence2. Creating a compelling Elevator pitch3. Finding and connecting with your Audience4. Creating an empowering Brand story5. Showcasing your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

I trialled the course content with 10 women prior to launch. Here's what has happened to them since

- One is forging ahead with a side-hustle
- Two went back to University to gain qualifications so they could turn their passion into a viable business
- Three left their jobs in toxic cultures to move into new roles where they were valued
- Another, a mum whose children had grown up, returned to a new career as a Consultant
- A third found the confidence to apply for new positions having been in the same organisation for over 10 years

"Mel’s course is brilliant with really useful frameworks that help you take a holistic view of where you are and where you want to be; build confidence and enable you to develop an actionable plan for the future" Anna

Just £147 for all 3 modules

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If we haven't met. I'm Mel Stanley. I'm a Personal Brand & Marketing Strategist, working exclusively with professional women helping them to unlock their true potential and get promoted faster.
You'll find me mostly on LinkedIn but you can view my website to find out more about what I do.